This week was busy af for me. So busy that the ColdHardDrewsday blog just missed Tuesday. No new YouTube video on Tuesday due to copyright issues, but it's up on VIMEO instead. 

My first short film, ALICE INSIDE. 

I've been working on this for half a year, really happy to see it done. It stars a French lady named Millie as Alice and totally steals Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit song. Please give it some love, it has precisely 0 likes and 5 views at time of posting this. 

I also posted TWO Buzzfeed articles over the weekend about topics I'm passionate about - Galavant and Twitter verification.

 16 Reasons Galavant Needs Season 3 Renewal
Click for the article which was RTd by all the cast and crew! I feel so blessed!

The 8 Greatest Mysteries Of Twitter Verification

 How to get Twitter Verified Mysteries
RT this article at @Twitter and @Verified so we can make a difference...

In other news, this past week we finished up our new REAL GEEK GIRLS logo. 

I've been busy. I told you!

If you're able, your support allows to continue to grow!