No new video for this week's ColdHardDrewsday, just some updates.

1) We have rolled out new header art to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

2) Our old schedule of 3 weekly videos - 1 on Tuesdays, 1 (usually a Real Geek Girls interview) on Thursdays, and 1 on Sundays is no more. There are various reasons - for one, I have been busier with work. I'm also struggling more with depression and even discouragement as my subscriber growth has recently trended negative despite my endless efforts. When the only thing that makes me happy starts to lose its joy, it's time to make changes. 

Moving forward we'll have a more realistic schedule and be less pressured to hit specific days and dates. After all, YouTube is my dream and while I need a large audience to share it with and drive the adventure, it has to first and foremost be for me. There will still probably be 1 or 2 videos a week, but if I'm too busy or not feeling up to it I'm not going to force it.  

I hope to at least do a Tuesday video each week and make videos about relevant geek news as it comes.

3) Real Geek Girls is currently in a holding pattern due to issues beyond my control. Once our Volume 4 finale has been published we will have a rapid turn-around on our supersized Volume 5. Vol 5 will be 14 eps, up from the usual 10, to bring us to our milestone 50th episode. At that point the series will go on hiatus to focus on promoting the existing interviews while I try a new push for press coverage. This had been the plan for months as I've been burned out after completing about 25 in 30 weeks before the current issues arose.

Volume 5 Roster (Eps 11-14 will be revealed in the future)

In the meantime, here are the recent videos we've posted as part of our new focus on the channel's original purpose - geek content a la Black Nerd!