KIM RENFRO INTERVIEW ➤ Real Geek Girls #36 (Volume 5 Premiere!)

Kim Renfro, reporter at Insider tells us how she turned her love for Game of Thrones into a career. 

Welcome to the Volume 5 premiere of Real Geek Girls! We're experimenting with some new formats and style as we begin our extended 15-episode volume and rocket towards our milestone finale / episode 50 in December!

This video will be our first to focus entirely on one subject since Kim is one of the leading experts on Game of Thrones! We've also decided to not cap her talk at 9:59 seconds so she can talk a bit more naturally!  Please give her a bit more time!

Topics she'll touch on:

  • Sansa's Season 5 Controversy
  • Feminism's relationship with Game of Thrones
  • S-expostion
  • Treatment of the LGBT character Ser Loras Tyrell

Kim did talk about Harry Potter and Disney, and you'll find that in our usual Facebook exclusive Deleted Scenes video ➤

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