Day 2 of Real Geek Girls Volume 5 kick-off week brings a quirky interview with the co-creator / star of the recent Anne of Green Gables web-series adaptation, Green Gables Fables.

Actress / Director Mandy is delightful in this episode (but not usually, obviously) and also sets the record for the most concise interview yet clocking in at under 4 minutes!! This means you DEFINITELY have time to listen to her thoughts on creating her own Anne series, her love for the classic novels, and hopes for next year's Netflix adaptation, Anne. 

She also geeks out about... socks?

As she is probably sick of hearing, this interview was a huge coup for me because I've been a fan of hers for a long time and while I love all the interviews I do on this show, sometimes I get to work with the people I've looked up to as a creator and my heart gets all swelly for a bit.

Go check it out -

Click image for interview!