Ep 3 of this week's 5 new #RealGeekGirls eps starring Twitch streamer Negaoryx has been postponed until tomorrow. 

Amber Plaster's visit in our 40th episode has fallen back to Friday, and Laurel Rockefeller's episode drops Saturday. This 1-day push is because it didn't seem right to throw an interview out there today.

Early this morning we found out that we would NOT be getting our first woman president in January. I supported Hillary for years until Bernie came along and swept me away. But I always knew if he wasn't an option Hillary was a fine alternative. The idea of a woman President who I feel is highly qualified excited me. When Bernie got screwed by 'da system,' I didn't hesitate to know that the ONLY responsible decision is to vote for the person who will make the Supreme Court liberal and keep our country moving forward in social justice, civil rights, and pretty much every issue that matters.

Wake up call. Not that I, nor most good-hearted liberals slept at all. And here we are. As the creator of the #HeForShe inspired Real Geek Girls series, I am deeply troubled by a man who has shown a complete lack of regard for women being President-elect. I am terrified for what this means for women's rights, the battle for equality, a woman's right to choose, narrowing the pay gap... 

I spoke to a girl at Walmart last night and tried to see who she voted for. She said one is a liar (wrong, all politicians are liars and most people too) and "the other thinks women are sex toys." Well, that's our President now. 

I truly believe women's suffrage was the rich white men throwing women a bone, but they continue to be seen as lesser than men in many circles. Rape culture continues to be propagated. Far too many women voted for Trump, who has bragged about grabbing women 'by the pussy' and walking in on models changing because "he can." These women don't even respect themselves enough to vote for someone who cares about them.

And this is why I make this fucking show and why it's so important and why people need to get behind this show, and these women. Share these interviews. Tell people about them. Because all geeks are real geeks. Women are just as capable and worthy as men and all women, whether they're journalists, actresses, artists, YouTubers, or cosplayers, are not sex objects. Help spread the message and let others be inspired hearing how these 40 ladies embraced their geekiness, their outsider tendencies, and pursued their dreams.

I'm not eloquent so I'm sure people are laughing and tearing this apart. 

I should have just let my video do the talking.