Drew has never been the best at anything. 

Never even really good. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Everyone's 2nd best friend. Since childhood he dreamt of a loving relationship and creative talent. In this video he will show you his art. He tortures you with a handful of cover songs. He will seek your pity as he laments his inability to compete with good creators on YouTube. 

You will cringe, he will cry, and we can all move on.

But first, let's talk. This is a summons for all the talentless out there - how are you? Where are you? How have you handled none of your dreams being realized before your sure to be untimely deaths? Let's be friends. 

As the great Yuna said, "I will share your pain with you."

This is a BONUS video / follow up to Tuesday's "I Suck at YouTube" video showcasing the lowlights of my earliest vlogs from my older channels. A sequel to that is coming this Tuesday. Love always, Mandy