So here's what you missed on me:

Because I've released so many great videos in the past few weeks, many have gone unnoticed. Here's the rundown:

The "I Suck at Series" is a 5-part series that concluded last Sunday. 

Part 1 looks at my earliest vlogs from older channels

Part 2 talks about how my entire life I've never been good at anything... excepting sucking. I show some old art and talk about my childhood dreams of being a singer or artist.

Part 3 is a compilation of my college "home videos"

Part 4 showcases my love for destroying my body for the sake of comedy

Part 5 is my grad school era home videos.

Celebrating 50 Episodes of Real Geek Girls

The 50th episode / season 5 finale on Friday featured our first sequel. Episode 2's Leilani Joy returned to talk Sailor Moon, Disney, Buffy and how geeks can support each other during these hard times.

But prior to that we released two brand new trailers featuring clips from 52 interviews. Share them around. Talk the series up. IT NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN ABOUT. People need to see what we're doing and what these women have to say.

Trailer 1 is very speedy and lists all kinds of geek things we've covered.

Trailer 2 is much more meaty - here are clips showing the inspirational advice and some experiences that were shared through the first 52 interviews.

And of course we recently released:

Real Geek Girls #48 starring Cat Alter who is on Modern Family now. She gets emotional talking about the current atmosphere and how we can all #Resist.

Real Geek Girls #49 starring Abby Vega, an Afterbuzz TV host and interviewer

Drew's Corner - NEW SERIES / NEW VID

Monthly Picks - March! I run down all the great tv and movies and toys to look forward to if you're a geek, nerd, cool, or any combo of the 3. I will do one at the beginning of each month.

The Oscars had me all shook so I ranted about the importance of Moana and how it deserved Oscars... turns out, my video resonated with people. I will cherish some of the comments I received on this forever!

All the best to you. I love you all. Create great things, even if nobody is watching.