Everybody gets lonely. Loneliness is normal. However, some people experience constant, even debilitating loneliness. 

They're looked at with disdain. Ignored. I would know, as I struggle with feelings of loneliness every day.

Social media can add to the feeling of being invisible. I decided to speak out on this issue that many are afraid to acknowledge. I want people who suffer from chronic loneliness to know Drew's Corner is a place where they are understood and welcome and I want others to be more informed.

Loneliness can hurt your sleep patterns, increase your risk for developing dementia later in life, and may even contribute to early death.

In under 10 minutes, this video will attempt to cover:

  • What is Chronic Loneliness?
  • How do people respond to it?
  • What makes it worse?
  • How does being single impact some of those who suffer?
  • How can we help others?
These are my experiences and may not be the same as those of others! I feel that the world is lacking in empathy. This is my request for people to be kinder to others.

 Living with Chronic Loneliness