Love Disney? Want to hear reactions to the latest Disney news and reviews of their films?

 Need more than just Nerdist and Screen Rant to keep you informed on the neverending onslaught of reveals and updates related to Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney animated features, Live Action remakes,  etc??

Episode 1 of the new unofficial Disney fan show, So Dang Disney, is here and I'm doing a new version of the Disney Tag to introduce y'all! Episodes will be released whenever I feel like it / have something to talk about!

I created this new version of the Disney tag because the ones on YouTube are either way too long or have lame questions that don't really encompass all the modern Disney franchises. I truly hope people will participate and do it as well so that it can spread and give an alternative to all the janky ones.

1) First Disney film you saw in theaters?
2) Favorite Disney animated feature films?
3) Favorite Disney Princess(es)?
4) Favorite Disney villain(s)?
5) Favorite Disney movie soundtrack / score(s)?
6) Share an unpopular Disney opinion?
7) Two Disney characters you'd like to see in a crossover?
8) Disney character you relate most to?
9) Best Disney park?
10) Most anticipated upcoming Disney film or show?
11) Favorite Live Action Disney film?
12) Favorite Pixar films?
13) Favorite Star Wars film?
14) Favorite bits of the Marvel Cinematic TV / Film Universe?
15) Favorite Disney Channel or Disney shows of all time? 

 So Dang Disney Episode 1