KAT EVANS INTERVIEW ➤ Reel Geek Girls #56

Actress / Playwright / intellectual Kat Evans geeks the freak out about #JimHenson #Dragonlance & #KittyPryde in a new #ReelGeekGirls! 

Even been "Fake Geek Girl" tested? ➤ 1:00
How theater shaped life ➤ 3:22
Combatting harassment w/ "Not in Our House" ➤ 4:50
Future Dreams ➤ 6:26
Has Being a Woman Disadvantaged Career ➤ 6:57
Kitty Pryde ➤ 8:06
Jim Henson Universe ➤ 13:24
Dragonlance  ➤18:50
Parting Advice ➤ 25:38

This is our longest episode yet, as Kat provides the 3 most in-depth geek out moments we've featured thus far. Her great enthusiasm and love for Kitty Pryde, the Jim Henson universe, and the Dragonlance series will make you excited even if you're not familiar with them.

Additionally, Kat will talk about the very important "Not in Our House" support system that is used by the Chicago Theater Community to protect people from harassment and abuse. The overall theme of this interview is INCLUSIVENESS.

 Kat Evans Reel Geek Girls Interview
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