What can I do to be featured?

Contact me through the Contact page! I'm more than willing to feature someone who approaches me and have done so before! 

How else can I help?

I can’t pay the people who participate. They choose to to do so for exposure, to be part of the movement, or just for fun.  However, our primary goals forPatreon are to first provide pay to all future bookings and 2nd to provide backpay to everyone who we have featured in the past. If you're interested in helping make this possible, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation via our Patreon. You will earn really cool rewards at each level, but the best part is just knowing you're funding MANY people and not just the creator. 

One other way you can support without any money transfer is to share the interviews and this show with your friends. RT the posts.

And possibly most important of all - write about the show on your blogs. Tell your journalist  friends to feature the show. I have a PressKit available for anyone interested in spotlighting this spotlight series.