Drew C. Ryan's the name, helping you is my game. All services require an e-mail consultation to ensure we're a good fit. I won't take on a job I don't feel comfortable or qualified to complete to your satisfaction.  My rates are competitive, the cheapest to be found.My social media services would fit best with the entertainment industry, higher education, small businesses with established followings, restaurants, and libraries. If you're looking to talk, send me an e-mail.




Have an assignment or project and would like someone with an English degree to give it the once (or twice) over? 

Rate: $25 dollars for anything under 20 pages. Beyond that it's an additional 2 dollars a page.

Turnaround: 1-2 days



GIF Creation

Want a gif? Tell me the TV show and episode  or film and the line or / timestamp. I can make you 3 gifs for 10 dollars. I love making gifs... 

Rate: $10 for 3 gifs

Turnaround: 1-2 days



Custom Logo / Graphics


Judge my ability by the ones you see around you, if not up to your desired skill level then all is well. 

Rate: $50

Turnaround: 1-2 days



Make a Meme

Send me some pics and I'll make memes for you / out of you. 

Rate: $10 for 3 memes

Turnaround: 1-2 days



Social Media Advice

I will analyze your current social media pages and provide recommendations to improve your quality and reach. I can also help you setup social media accounts for an additional 50. 

Rate: $50 advice + 50 for setup

Turnaround: 3 days



Remote Social Media Management

I will create, setup, and run social media accounts for your business. I will create regular engaging posts as well as whatever you pass along to me for sharing. I am available for assistance and will provide monthly feedback / reports. I can interact with people if you choose.  As with any social media, your success may vary. 

Rate: $400 per month



Basic Starter Website or Blog Setup

Package includes:

  • Creating a Wordpress or Blogspot page for you
  • Adding content you provide (i.e. biography, testimonials, images, etc.)
  • Setting up sub-pages
  • Selecting a theme / color scheme
  • Creating an e-mail for the site
  • Helping register a domain name (www.yournamehere.com) if you choose. (This costs about 20 dollars a year.)
  • Adding social media links.
  • Performing basic SEO (priming your site for search engine discovery).
  • Quick communication via e-mail during the setup process
  • Instructions for changing the password after I hand over the account.

*I will not do Flash or Javascript.* 

Rate: $300 dollars.

Turnaround: Depends on how long it takes for you to submit the content / approve. Generally done within 1 week - 2 months.



Write A Short Story

I'll write you a short story about whatever you like... short as in a few pages. Makes a perfect gift for someone. I think? 

Rate: $50

Turnaround: ~1 week